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Multimedia Streaming Servers

Experience the service, support, and power you deserve with's multimedia hosting solution.

What is it you do again? offers multimedia streaming via either Windows Media Server or RealMedia solutions. These versatile tools allow you to stream audio and video from your website. Streaming means that the content begins playing almost immediately after being selected by the user - no need to wait for downloads!

We provide you with server space to store your multimedia files as well as making sure your viewers will have plenty of bandwidth available to enjoy your site. With 255Mpbs of connectivity spread amongst 4 backbone providers, speed will never be an issue.

Which one should I use?
Here at, we have had extensive experience with RealMedia and Windows Media systems, and we prefer to use Windows Media when we have the choice. We are in no way "Micro$laves", we just honestly feel that the quality you get is better than a comparable RealMedia solution, and it costs less to boot. The Real Server software has a 25 user license so we are limited as far as how many clients we can host with each Real Server. The Windows Media servers have no such stipulation. Furthermore, all the Windows Media encoding tools can be had for no cost, as opposed to the RealMedia Composer tools.

Why not use a "normal" hosting solution to stream content?
If you're only using a short audio/video clip and don't plan on too many people accessing it, a common hosting provider would probably suffice. We offer dedicated and virtual website hosting through However, if you are planning on many people viewing your multimedia content, or that content is rather large,'s servers are the right place for your audio and video.

If you are unsure about how the number of visitors or the size/duration of your content could affect your decision, feel free to check out our Bandwidth Calculator.

What do I get and how much does it cost?
Your account on our media applications servers handles all your streaming content. You would simply FTP up to 200 MB of media content to your account and add the necessary code into your standard HTML pages, which would be hosted using a normal dedicated or virtual hosting solution.

For this streaming hosting solution, there is a $50 initial setup fee, with a $29.95 monthly fee. Data transfer is $2.95 per GB per month. For dedicated/virtual hosting prices, please visit Internet Connection. For information on how to link your multimedia content into a standard webpage, stop by our Help page.

Other Services

Domain Registration
If you need a domain name, take a trip down the Internet Connection.netWork to! Registering domain names has never been easier... or cheaper!

Website Development
Need a website to go with that streaming media? Look no further, Netsations has what it takes when it comes to high-quality, fast websites.

Website Hosting
If you're looking for a fast, reliable webhost for your non-streaming sites, give Internet Connection a ring.

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